How to Install HexChat on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

HexChat is new IRC client that was forked from the XChat. It is not just a messaging platform for tech or geek people. it also a tool to access dark web contents like XDCC, a new way of transferring files just like the torrent. The only problem with HexChat for linux user is, the binary installation files is not available as well as the deb files. The repository is also outdated and not signed officially.

But there are way to install it to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS without installing another packages. This is by using the Snapd, a software deployment and package management system for Linux. It includes an installation for HexChat using the Terminal command.

How to Install HexChat using Snapd

To get started, open up a Terminal.

If you uninstalled Snapd from your operating system, you can install it by using this command.

sudo apt-get install snapd

Enter the following command to install it.

sudo snap install hexchat

Once successfully installed, you can now run the program using this command or access it on the application shortcut.

sudo snap run hexchat

From now, you successfully run the HexChat in your Ubuntu system.

If you decide to uninstall it. Just run.

sudo snap remove hexchat

Could not read the contents of Downloads

If you downloaded a file from certain channel using the /msg BOT-USER|NEW xdcc send #FILE_NUMBER.

The Save File window will pop-up but it will show an error saying “Could not read the contents of Downloads, Error opening directory /home/USERNAME/Downloads: Permission denied”.

This is a permission problem with snapd, not allowing the app to access files that are owned by the app, which is also a security for you, since you will be exchanging files from users in the HexChat which protects your system files.

There are ways to fix this, this is by creating a Download folder inside the snap installation directory.

You can do this by clicking the Pencil icon on the upper left corner of the Save File window. You need this step because the error will show up once you browse the system folders.

This will show the Location input box. Change the Username with your own. Type the following:


After that, all of your downloaded files will be save at /home/USERNAME/snap/hexchat/42/Downloads

That’s it! Hope this help you install HexChat on Ubuntu!

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