Adsense Restricted ad Serving – 7 to 10 days Policy Center Removal

If you ever get an email from Google Adsense stating that you have a policy violation in one of your page. And solving this is by fixing the violation and request a review or by removing all the adsense code from the violating pages.

Here’s exactly the How to resolve this message from policy center.

Click on the violation name to learn more about it. You have two resolution options:

  • Fix the violations and request a review
    After you make adjustments to your page so that it’s compliant with Adsense policies, you can request a review.
  • Remove the Adsense ad code from the page
  • Pages without any Adsense ad code will be automatically removed from the Policy center within 7-10 days. No other action on your part is needed.

If you think that these policy violations do not apply to this page, you can also request a review. Reviews typically take 1 week but sometimes can take longer.

So, you decided to remove the Adsense code on the page. But the violation are still in your Policy Center dashboard. Well, it takes 7 to 10 days before it removes from your policy center. In our experience the violation removes at the 8th day. Make sure you remove every adsense code on that page or simply deleting it. You also have to make sure the 404 page don’t have adsense code.

After removal, your policy center should turn to “Keep up the great work, You have no policy violations” again.

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