How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service from Task Manager

If you recently installed adobe software products from your Windows 10, you probably notice your processes is suddenly bloated with background program from Adobe and one of those are the “Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service (32 bit)” and “Adobe Genuine Software Service (32 bit)”. Though these programs didn’t eat too much of your ram memory, disabling these will save you some 3 MB of RAM consumption which is very useful for some lower specs laptop or PC.

Some users also experience getting an error message while using Adobe products like “The Adobe software you are sing is not genuine”.

How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service

First, you need to go to Services from your Windows 10. Typing Services from Cortana will search and show up this tool.

From here, there are list of programs that currently running in your system. Find the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service and right-click on it then choose Properties.

Then under General tab, find the Startup type then choose Disable.

After that, hit Apply to save it.

You need to do the same step for Adobe Genuine Monitor Service.

To check if the program is no longer running from your system, try restarting your computer or laptop. The program should no longer listed under the Processes.

If you want to stop the service without restarting your PC. Simply press the Stop button on the General Tab.

What are the common Error when Disabling these Program

Fortunately, after disabling these programs we don’t find any problems with any Adobe products installed in the system as long as it is a legit copy and genuine.

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    What about on a Mac Computer.!?

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