How to Publish DevKit HTML5 Game in Mobile or Desktop Browser

After you’ve created your first HTML5 game in DevKit, you come to the point of publishing your game in a mobile or desktop browser. To publish your game, DevKit has a special function for it, by using the devkit release build_target.

Build Targets

You can choose from these build targets:

  • browser-mobile
  • browser-desktop
  • native-ios
  • native-android
  • native-archive
  • chrome

Publishing your HTML5

Let’s say we have to publish your HTML5 game in to a mobile browser, below are the sample code that you can use.

devkit release browser-mobile --no-compress

That’s it, you may also try browser-desktop, native-ios and android.


If you notice of the –no-compress, this is needed if you’re using Windows in publishing your game. As there is some error when you try to publish if compression is enabled, so disabling it will successfully publish your HTML5 game. Some of these are are the following:

 throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event

Error: read ECONNRESET
 at _errnoException (util.js:1041:11)
 at TCP.onread (net.js:606:25)

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